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Celestia is my entry for the 2019-2020 Search for a Star Competition. It is a casual economy-based game where you can farm and sell resources you find throughout the map. You can farm and expand your island and decorate it with items from the store.

Tweaks will be made up until the deadline, please check back!


Interact - Left mouse

Multiple choice interact - Left mouse (Hold)

Area Select - Left Ctrl + Mouse Drag

Queue Action - Left Shift + Left Mouse


- Procedural generation

- Ability to alter the landscape

- Animal breeding

- Farming

- Economy

Install instructions

Open the included zip file and run the executable titles SFASX.exe Save data will be stored in the local directory under GameSave.json, feel free to tweek with the save game


Final-Build.zip 31 MB
report.pdf 270 kB

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